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Helping with Recovery

Mekong Deals

Mekong Deals is a collaborative campaign to enable recovery for businesses in the Mekong Region. Inclusive, with no barriers to participate, the portal provides SME’s with a channel to offer non-refundable vouchers to domestic, regional, and international travellers. 

Travellers can find exceptional deals for their future travels into the region. They are able to browse offers by location or type to find the offer that interests them most.

Integrated with the Mekong Memories campaign, Mekong Deals provides a direct inspiration-to-sales-channels for any businesses, regardless of budget or size.

Collaborative Campaign

by and for ALL stakeholders

Turn-key solution

for ALL budgets to run a social media campaign


Visual content with the #MekongMemories tag that also have the hashtag of a business, link back to the experience and to deals by the experience.

How can you participate?

Participating at the initiative is relatively easy. You just need to follow the steps below.

  1. Register on Enwoke is the content distribution and marketing automation solution we are using for all our initiatives.
  2. Create your experiences (Click here for details) with your own hashtags.
  3. Go to the “Deals” module and create a voucher.
  4. Distribute the voucher through the “Mekong Deals” portal.
Contact us to find out more about a white label campaign page for your brand.
Initiative Partners
Resource page

How you can support it

Register your business, and create your free social media contest to motivate travelers to share their photos on their social media channels and add tags including #MekongMemories and #[YourBusiness].

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