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Destination Mekong

Creating Value for Members & Partners

Destination Mekong aims to be transformative and create value for our members and partners. By connecting governments, businesses, and communities, Destination Mekong serves as a catalyst for positive change.

Firstly, we facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration. Members gain access to a wealth of information, market trends, and best practices in the tourism industry. This knowledge empowers businesses to make informed decisions, enhancing their competitiveness in the global market.

Secondly, Destination Mekong promotes networking and partnerships. Through various events, workshops, and forums, members can forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and organizations. This collaborative approach encourages joint projects, resource pooling, and cross-border initiatives, which strengthen the overall tourism landscape in the region.

Thirdly, we provide marketing and promotional opportunities. Members receive exposure through Destination Mekong’s online channels, reaching a broader audience and raising their profile. This increased visibility translates into higher tourist traffic, bolstering local economies and creating employment opportunities for communities.

Moreover, Destination Mekong actively supports sustainable practices. By adhering to responsible tourism guidelines, members contribute to preserving the region’s natural and cultural heritage, ensuring long-term prosperity, resilience, and healthy communities.

In summary, Destination Mekong empowers its members to thrive sustainably in the tourism industry. Through knowledge exchange, networking, marketing, and a commitment to responsible practices, our platform catalyses growth and creates lasting value for all stakeholders involved.



Capacity building and skills development with partners

Webinars and workshops, at least one per month, storytelling, destination marketing, 2023 travel trends, regenerative tourism

Provide a platform for members to engage with each other

Local networking events Thematic working groups Local chapters Job opportunities platform Business opportunities platform

Provide tools for members to get direct benefits

Exposure and revenue


Exposure to industry and consumers

Get exposure to relevant audiences. Professionals in the tourism industry, as well as consumers interested in sustainability and travel in the Mekong Region.

Be part of strategic industry development

Partner in capacity building activities to be part of building sustainable and resilient communities through tourism in the Mekong Region.

Partnership opportunities

Generate leads and business opportunities through our network of professionals in the tourism industry, aligned businesses, and NGOs.

News about our members and partners