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See Your New Normal – How-to Guide to Excelling in your Post-COVID Future using Scenario Planning

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When the COVID pandemic struck in 2020, a new landscape began to take shape around us. It soon became clear that this seismic event would have significant consequences on how we live and do business even long after the pandemic itself is over. A “New Normal” has been emerging, the result of a thousand adaptations that we were forced to make as we found – or invented – new ways to get things done.

What will be the impact of this transformation on you and the future success of your business? If you can visualize today how your business terrain could plausibly unfold as we enter the post-COVID era, then you could already spot opportunities and challenges you may face, and develop strategies for coming out ahead.

Written by Woody Wade, a globally acknowledged expert on scenario planning, this practical handbook shows you step-by-step how to apply this powerful foresight technique to your specific situation so that you will not only be able to anticipate the “look and feel” of your-post Covid landscape, but even identify realistic ways to excel in it.

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