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Thousands of years of migratory movements have shaped Thailand. First, the Mon swept in, giving rise to Suvarnabhumi, “The Land of Gold”. This evolved into the Dvaravati Kingdom by the 6th century, and their northern expansion bumped into the Nanchao near Chiang Rai 400 years later. Later, the Sukhothai and Lanna Kingdoms developed prosperous cultural industries and Buddhist monuments that can still be seen today.

Beginning in the mid-12th century ancient Thailand, then known as Siam, was centered in Ayutthaya. The capital moved to Bangkok in the late 18th century, coinciding with the founding of the Chakri Dynasty.

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Yindii introduces eco-friendly food app

Yindii, a Thai anti-food waste startup, has launched a mobile application designed to match Bangkok residents with environmentally conscious restaurants, grocery stores and cafes to combat food waste. The app…

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Haoma Haoma BANGKOK | THAILAND Haoma’s Neo Indian menu is driven by an ambitious culinary vision: to create an experienced landscape that stimulates not only the senses of sight, taste, smell and texture but also piques curiosity and nostalgia. Find out more Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Phuket Gibbon
Rehabilitation Project
PHUKET | THAILAND A great place to learn about Gibbons in a conservation way. It is also a good place to take your kids to learn and observe environmental and wildlife.

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The Monsoon Teahouse The Monsoon
CHIANG MAI | THAILAND Nahm Dong park is engaged to develop and promote sustainable agriculture. They are running several programs to improve the quality of produces in Lao as well as demonstrating to local communities the importance of sustainable practices. Find out more
Varni Craft Varni Craft PHATTALUNG | THAILAND A collection of the designs by a local artisan is environmentally friendly with surroundings. They mostly use resources are nearby them such as krajood. Which is wildly grown in the area and it is very strong and has an attractive surface finish. People in Pattalung in the south of Thailand have used krajood, a kind of seagrass, to make basketry for more than 200 years. Find out more Local Alike Local Alike BANGKOK | THAILAND Local Alike connects you to offbeat and local Thai travel experiences. We work with locals to create once-in-a-lifetime trips for you and use income generated to achieve social development goals. We also create opportunities for local communities to better their livelihoods through tourism. Find out more