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Destination Mekong Summit 2020 Videos

Below, you can watch recordings of the Chapter of the Destination Mekong Summit 2020. We look forward to welcoming you at our next event.


UNWTO Affiliate Members Department

Duration: 5:41 min


The Disruption

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and has severely impacted the global travel and tourism industry. What are some of the learnings of good and bad practices on how destinations have reacted?

Duration: 15:30 min


The Recovery

What will consumers be demanding of the Mekong Region when we meet in Bagan for the Mekong Tourism Forum next February? How will the aviation situation look like in the next few months? What will the Tourism industry need to do to recover from the pandemic? What lessons could governments learn and what actions put in place by mid 2021 to take tourism to a firmer foundation?

Duration: 25:30 min


The Governments

What are some of the effective recovery measures and policies put in place by Greater Mekong Subregion governments? How will governments continue to support businesses and mitigate job losses? Will the Greater Mekong Subregion countries implement travel bubbles or bilateral agreements within and beyond the subregion?

Duration: 32:31 min


The Middle Kingdom

What can we learn from China’s strategies in opening tourism domestically? What were some of the challenges and the solutions?

Duration: 21:31 min


The Message

How should travel and tourism operators use the media? What is the right message to communicate now and over the next few months? What are some of the communication mistakes to be avoided?

Duration: 18:25 min


The Take-Aways Part 1

Public Sector Perspective What are some of the DOs and DON’Ts, based on researching destinations all over the world?

Duration: 23:31 min


The Demand Side

What will be the potential of two key source markets for the Mekong Region – China and Japan? How best to market to these consumers and build relationships with the travel trade? What will be different post COVID-19?

Duration: 17:40 min


The Supply Side

Senior executives discuss how the aviation and accommodation sectors in the Greater Mekong Subregion can combat COVID-19 – what are some of the best practices of travel companies to get ready post-COVID-19? What are the challenges? How can the industry collaborate to accelerate tourism recovery together? Is sustainability a priority, or has it slipped?

Duration: 13:31 min


The Sustainability

NGOs will discuss the opportunity to restart tourism in a sustainable and responsible way, as well as the challenges in actually executing such a vision. How can restarting tourism integrate local communities and keep child protection in focus, as well as protect wildlife and conserve the environment by focusing on climate change and single use plastic pollution.

Duration: 20:30 min


The Take-Aways Part 2

Private Sector Perspective What are some of the DOs and DON’Ts, based on researching tourism businesses all over the world?

Duration: 15:09 min


The Collaboration

Introduction of the social media campaign Mekong Memories to create a content cloud of past experiences to inspire people to #TravelTomorrow, and the new Mekong Deals platform to feature non-refundable vouchers sold by travel operators to help survive the crisis.

Duration: 28:50 min


The Future

What will the future hold? How will travel change? Which scenarios require which actions for a balanced tourism recovery in the Mekong Region?

Duration: 28:30 min


The Shining Lights

Announcement of the 2020 Experience Mekong Showcases & 1st Mekong Hero

Duration: 39:10 min


Balanced Tourism Recovery for a better Future

Experts suggesting tangible action steps for a balanced tourism recovery.

Duration: 46:46 min