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Destination Campaign Integrated in the Regional Strategy

Collaborative campaign to generate inspiring content

Laos is “Simply Beautiful”! To communicate this message, we have created a destination campaign – Inspiring Laos -, which is fully integrated into the Mekong Moments campaign but specific to the destination Laos.

Travelers, Lao people, and other stakeholders share their visual content with the hashtag #InspiringLaos and #[BusinessHashtag]. The content is aggregated into a portal that showcases experiences, events, and offers, in Laos and connects users, who browse the content back to the businesses to book their experiences directly. 

Powered by stakeholder engagement solution Enwoke, businesses, regardless of type and size can participate and benefit from a network of campaigns and portals in the region. Through integration, any business located in Laos will automatically also participate at the Mekong Moments campaign as well as have ready access to participate at the Mekong Mini Movie Festival. Experience Mekong Collection members located in Laos receive an additional engagement channel and increased exposure. 

Collaborative Campaign

by and for ALL stakeholders

Turn-key solution

for ALL budgets to run a social media campaign

Capacity building

in digital media and customer engagement


Building a large amount of content and thus exposure for the region


Content pieces connect back to booking channels of experiences.

A Travel Inspirational Platform

Travelers already share their stories. With Mekong Moments and Inspiring Laos you can leverage the phenomenon of social media sharing and allow moments to turn into memories by enticing your visitor to connect their social content and by connecting to social influencers, such as bloggers.
Initiative Partners
Resource page

How you can support it

Register your business, and create your free social media contest to motivate travelers to share their photos on their social media channels and add tags including #InspiringLoas and #[YourBusiness].

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