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Sensible Sustainable Solutions

16 suggestions for designing better hotels to help fight climate change and make the world a better place.

99% of hotels are built with the intention to make profit; this is why all new hotels can and should have a Purpose. Hotels that are just places to sleep are falling out of favor. The purpose does not have to be life changing, although, for some, it could be. Purpose could be as simple as displaying the artwork of the primary school next door in your guest rooms. Hotel designers, operators and owners should be thinking beyond their traditional roles to create purposeful, meaningful hotels.

Luxury is DEAD. There is no point in designing lavish hotels just to put heads on beds – every hospitality project should have a purpose and a candle to light. We in hospitality – designers, owners or operators – have the superpower of reaching thousands of people. We should shoulder more responsibility concerning issues like education, clean accessible water, alternative energy, energy consumption, food waste, wildlife protection, and conservation. The big hotel companies are part of nature and society too, not just economy. Here are some ideas of how to do something real…