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Destination Management in Developing and Emerging Countries

Almost no other industry is developing as dynamically as tourism. Driven by the increasing mobility of broad sections of the population, tourism-related demand has grown quickly in the past few years. Even megatrends like ongoing digital networking and the individualization and greening of our society are permanently changing market structures and travel needs. In the target areas, tourism is shaping entire regions and changing societies at a rapid pace. For developing and emerging countries (DECs), this poses both opportunities and risks.

Tourism can be a source of foreign currency, a job engine and a catalyst for sustainable regional development, but it can also have a negative impact. In order to access its inherent potential, tourism needs to be managed with foresight. Managing destinations plays a key role here. Because of their market relevance and size, destinations have the potential to be developed and marketed from a sustainable perspective. That requires effective destination management organizations (DMOs), which can manage the destination and coordinate various tourism-related stakeholders.

Destination Management in Developing and Emerging Countries







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