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As a social business, Soksabike aims to provide tourists with the chance to experience the authentic Cambodia and to promote a direct tourist spending to the local entrepreneurs. Soksabike purposely uses the bicycle as a tool for community connection and for responsible tourism initiative, since this allows tourists to experience the lifestyle of Cambodians more deeply while protecting the natural environment of the communities in Battambang. They provide information on how tourists and local people can be more responsible and sustainable during their travels. The higher number of tourists also means more job opportunities for local people and local students. Soksabike use this bike tour platform to support vocational training for university students and as the practicing field to strengthen the potential of Cambodian students.

Soksabike also aims to reform the tourism practices in Cambodia by giving more agency to the communities and their people. They support local businesses by attempting to involve the local business owners in their route plan and using them as suppliers. The interaction between the local businesses and Soksabike would preserve the economic and cultural values for Battambang community. Bringing guests to these traditional businesses helps to enhance pride around traditional livelihoods which can not only provide a livelihood but also help preserve local culture. By bringing tourists to these businesses, Soksabike helps improve the economy of Battambang and bring in a sufficient amount of money to benefit the people.

One of Soksabike’s primary missions is to provide vocational training to local youth by investing in impact programs including vocational training, providing knowledge and skills, and educating youth about the responsible tourism and sustainable development.

Soksabike also wants to be able to provide tourists the opportunity to spend time in the local’s homes and visit the local businesses, and to obtain an understanding of the daily life in the Cambodian countryside through a bicycle adventure around Battambang. At the same time, job opportunities are created as the students are hired as tour guides to lead the tour, provide information, and connect tourists and the communities. The usage of bicycle for the tour not only lets the tourist enjoy the slow-life view of the Cambodian countryside with one of the simplest forms of transportation, but bicycle also does not create negative impact to the environment due to its carbon-free emission.



Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO)






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