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Global Report on Inclusive Tourism Destinations

Model and success stories

This Global Report: Inclusive Tourism Destinations has been drawn up by the team of the globaldit firm in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization. It sets out a Model for inclusive tourism destinations from a supply point of view, in which inclusion refers to the capacity of the tourism
system to integrate disadvantaged groups so that they can participate in, and benefit from, tourism activity. The model is made up of a set of principles, definitions and public policy tools that have proved to be appropriate in various places and contexts for improving access to tourism activities for the most disadvantaged groups in society, converting them into suppliers of tourism services or suppliers to the sector.

The Model comprises an open, coordinated set of good public policy practices but does not aim to be a thorough, closed model to promote inclusion. It is an initial working approach to which other plans of action can, and should, be added, taking into account the characteristics of each destination and the goals considered.