Destination Mekong

Experience Southern China’s Ancient Wonders

Shangri-La…the mystical setting in James Hilton’s 1933 novel, “Lost Horizon”…a land of green valleys and crystal-clear lakes isolated by snow-capped peaks, jagged rock formations and rivers rushing through ravines…a lost utopia where people live to 100 years old…a paradise found where the Mekong River springs to life.

Early explorers tried to trace the Mekong to Yunnan Province’s heaven on earth. Their expeditions departed northern Laos and entered China’s southern tip at Xishuangbanna (12,000 Rice Fields). They struggled to the Tibetan Plateau, though some turned back and followed the Red River through a monolithic limestone landscape to Viet Nam.


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Featured Experience Mekong Collection Members in China

The Bivou The Bivou Lijiang YUNNAN | CHINA The Bivou supports local society by hiring and training mainly local staff, with over 90% from Lijiang and the rest of Yunnan. Their in-house restaurant, the Bivou Cafe focuses on using unique, local and seasonal produce such as honey, ham, coffee, tea, mushrooms and fruits and vegetables in their breakfast and all-day Western and local menus. Find out more Lanxu Eco-Culture Development Center Lanxu Eco-Culture
Development Center
YUNNAN | CHINA Lanxu Eco-Culture Development Center is committed to the dissemination and preservation of traditional Bai culture. Find out more
The Linden Centre The Linden Centre YUNNAN | CHINA The Linden Centre’s goal is to serve as rural havens for deeper interaction with the Dali community and structured explorations of China’s past. The facility is a nationally protected heritage site that has been restored to its former dynastic elegance, here guests have an avenue for cultural immersion and exchange with each other and the local community. Find out more Longji Rice Terraces Longji Rice Terraces GUANGXI | CHINA Longji is also the area to visit to experience China’s ethnic minorities' culture. The Zhuang and the Yao nationalities live here, though mainly it is the Zhuang people. The women dress in unique and colorful costumes, singing and dancing.

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