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“A golden mystery up heaved itself on the horizon – a beautiful, winking wonder that blazed in the sun, of a shape that was neither Muslim dome nor Hindu temple spire,” wrote Rudyard Kipling in 1898. “There’s the old Shway Dagon,” said his companion. “This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know.”

The Mon built the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon after voyaging to India as far back as 600 BC. By the 3rd century AD they spread Buddhism into Laos and established the Suvarnabhumi Kingdom, known in Chinese and Indian literature as “The Land of Gold.”

high mountain in Vang-Vieng Laos

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Nahm Dong Park Nahm Dong Park LUANG PRABANG | LAOS Nahm Dong park is engaged to develop and promote sustainable agriculture. They are running several programs to improve the quality of produces in Lao as well as demonstrating to local communities the importance of sustainable practices. Find out more The Vat Phou Mekong Cruise Nahm Dong Park PAKSE | LAOS The Vat Phou Cruise has become a familiar sight over the years for the communities along its route. Staffs on the Vat Phou boat are from the very villages that the boat visits. Because the Vat Phou Cruise has a close relationship with the communities along the Mekong, so they take opportunities to support them. Find out more NamKhan Ecolodge NamKhan Ecolodge LUANG PRABANG | LAOS The NamKhan Project is working towards sustainability tourism. The Ecolodge is keen to promote a sustainable ecological project, being mindful of its impact on the environment. With their own organic farm, zero chemicals are used on the property and they create their own compost and fertiliser. Find out more The Luang Say Residence The Luang Say
LUANG PRABANG | LAOS The Luang Say Residence is proud to be members of Pack for a Purpose. A charitable organization developed to assist travelers, like you, who would like to expand their generosity beyond their own communities, and bring much needed supplies to the destinations they are traveling to. Find out more
The Gibbon Experience The Gibbon
BAN HOUAYXAY | LAOS The Gibbon Experience project in Laos was given a mandate to think and act differently. Since 1996, we have dreamt and ensured a sustainable future for the Bokeo forest. The Gibbon Experience currently provides full time jobs to over 120 people. Find out more
Ock Pop Tok Ock Pop Tok LUANG PRABANG | LAOS Ock Pop Tok was founded on principles of fair trade and sustainable business practices, and was pioneering social business and ethical fashion before these terms were even a part of our cultural lexicon. Find out more