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COVID Relief Bangkok founded by Sati Foundation and Urban Studies Lab

ovid Relief was established by a coalition of organizations in the face of the devastating health and economic present and future impacts created by Covid 19. The coalition includes SATI Foundation (, Scholars of Sustenance (, and Urban Studies Lab (, with support from Bangkok 1899 and the Thai Health Volunteers Foundation.

The coronavirus has in the space of a few weeks completely transformed our lives, and there is a sense of foreboding that for many, the worst is yet to come. But while some people in Bangkok are able to quarantine themselves at home safely, there are many elderly and low-income households who rely on daily wages to support their families, making social distancing an impossibility. This means coronavirus spread is likely to be highest in our poorest neighborhoods, posing a considerable threat to the lives of many, but especially the elderly and those already suffering from pre-existing conditions.

In the short term, the spread must be slowed down to ease the burden on Thailand’s already overwhelmed public health infrastructure. Long term, considerable economic pain is expected here in Thailand, particularly by households that depend on industries like tourism, which will be devastated by Covid 19.

How does the project address the issue?

Covid Relief is coordinating a challenging relief effort to distribute masks, soaps, hand sanitizers, and basic foodstuffs to the most vulnerable groups in Bangkok, all whilst maintaining social distancing to avoid increasing the spread of coronavirus. Covid Relief uses demographics data to identify and locate the most in-need based on age and income, ensuring their efforts are targeted and have the most impact.

How will your donation create impact?

For every 300 baht, you can provide packages consisting of sanitation items and food supplies for a family (4 people).

Requests for some or possibly all depending on donation quantities – masks – hand gels and alcohol – sanitation equipment and detergents – food supplies: canned foods, rice, fruit, eggs, raw ingredients – packaging: cloth bags – protective gear: gloves, face shields, suits.

To donate items, please send to Na Cafe at Bangkok 1899. You can easily find this location on Google Maps and send via a LineMan or LalaMove.

หากคุณสนใจจะทำการบริจาคโปรดส่งสิ่งของไปได้ที่ Na Cafe at Bangkok 1899 คุณสามารถค้นหาตำแหน่งนี้บน Google แผนที่และส่งผ่าน LineMan หรือ LalaMove

Packages will be made there and delivered on Thursday.

You can coordinate with Fon who works at Na Cafe on 0900403335

สำหรับขอมูล คำถาม และการติดต่อประสานงานเรื่องการจัดส่งของบริจาคเพิ่มเติมโปรดติดต่อ คุณฝน 0900403335