Destination Mekong Partners With Netblitz

Destination Mekong Partners With Netblitz

24 April 2-24, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Destination Mekong is delighted to forge a partnership with Netblitz through the signing of a joint Memorandum of Understand (MOU).  The partnership is driven by a shared vision to explore cross-marketing and collaboration opportunities that will drive innovation in the travel industry. 

Netblitz is a leading international marketing and digital content technology company.  Per Tim Hoang, CEO & Founder, “We’re applying our solution to revamp the traditional marketing approach, leveraging the power of story tell marketing and dynamic digital media content to connect and resonate with travel customers from all over the globe.  Destination Mekong is a champion of many micro-, small-, and medium-sized businesses in the travel sector of the Mekong Region.  We are very excited to partner with this organization to drive digital and sustainable practices while facilitating easier access to markets and amplifying the voices of tourism businesses.”

 “We are committed to working hand in hand with Netblitz to empower businesses through digital transformation initiatives in the vibrant tourism, travel and hospitality sector.  The genesis of this partnership can be traced back to the annual Destination Mekong Summit in December 2023, where both parties recognized the potential for further cooperation.  Through insightful discussions and shared objectives, we’ve identified areas of common interest and complementary capabilities, paving the way for an alliance between both our organizations,” said Catherine Germier-Hamel, CEO of Destination Mekong.