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Tourism Authority of Thailand launches “Travel From Home with Amazing Thainess” campaign

Bangkok, 01 May, 2020 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Stockholm Office has launched a “Travel from Home with Amazing Thailand” campaign on its Facebook Page: Amazing Thainess.

Travelling to Thailand might be limited just now, but campaign #TravelFromHomeWithAmazingThainess is to inspire all with a new way of distance travelling and dream away with the Thai touch activities. 

Spring is finally here. Normally, we would have planned our travelling vacation already. This year is a little bit different and we are now facing the “new normal” where we are unlikely to be travelling out of the country during this summer. This condition should not limit all the travel lovers to explore and get inspired with new destinations to add on the bucket list. But it’s time to do more researches, finding new unexplored cities, or even fall in love again with your favourite country like Thailand.   

Under the campaign, everyone can travel from home to their favourite destinations and getting the local insight tips, discover the unseen and the secret of the new hidden cities.

Also, they will be able to find delicious recipe for Thai cooking.  Get healthy and be motivated with easy Muay Thai workout.  Or simply relax with a list of recommended Thailand’s inspired movies and documentaries. Join the campaign with all its fun activities to win some prizes.