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Coronavirus AI helmet in China

China has been gradually recovering from the high mortality rates of COVID-19, with lockdowns and travel bans being lifted across its cities. 

To continue monitoring the virus, epidemic prevention and control officers have been equipped with next level “smart helmets” that can detect potential patients without them even needing to get close – something straight out of a sci-fi movie like Robo-Cop! 
This AI helmet is a product tech company ‘Kuang-chi’ in Shenzhen, designed specifically for epidemic prevention and control officers. It’s being used in major cities including Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen – in fact, they’ve been wearing them for quite awhile now.

The helmet comes with AR glasses attached with infrared cameras, allowing officers to detect body temperatures of crowds that are up to 5m away. It can also scan QR codes, perform facial recognition, and record data. 

If there is anyone with a body temperature higher than 37.3 degree celsius, the helmet will sound it out to warn the officers. 

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 5G are functions that come with this helmet too. Moreover, the company also claimed that their product is lightweight, made from an engineered material called “Metamaterial”. 

While Thailand has fun superheroes walking around to sanitise the roads, it’s interesting to see how countries all over the world are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic.