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Locall.bkk – Helping restaurants in the community survive

Lives of many restaurant owners have changed in the blink of an eye during COVID-19, as many people now choose to stay home and order food in. Despite the popularity of food delivery, not everyone has access to such platforms. Therefore, many local hawkers are not able to list their restaurants on delivery platforms like Grab or Foodpanda. 

Once Again Hostel is a hotel located in the heart of Bangkok Old Town. The hotel realised that many restaurants around the hostel were facing the possibility of closure due to the lack of business. In order to help them out, the hotel created their very own food delivery service, Locall.bkk, which delivers food from these eateries to 15 areas in Bangkok.

To order, you first need to add @locall.bkk on Line. After adding them, you will receive the menu automatically. Tap on the menu and choose the food you want. You can choose from as many restaurants as you want for a single order request, and there is a minimum order fee of ฿300. First orders open at 10am, and the last order should be placed by 7pm.

Once you’re done, a QR code will be generated for you to pay. Then, your order will be delivered by drivers in the community. This service also helps the drivers to earn a living. 

On 12th April 2020, Locall.bkk shared a heartwarming post on their Facebook page. 

One of the restaurant owners that was a part of the initiative shared with Locall.bkk team that he will now operate his restaurant every day.

When COVID-19 first broke out, the owner only opened his restaurant from Monday to Saturday, as there was no use of opening it every day due to the lack of income. “Ever since Locall.bkk stepped in and helped me, my business has become better and I am motivated to open my restaurant every day,” he said. “I am very thankful to all of you.”

The Locall.bkk team shared that all their efforts were worth it.

It is always heartwarming to see stories of people helping each other during times like this. We hope everyone can be inspired to help others, even in the smallest way, to make the world a better place.