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Ministry eyes B3,000 handout for tourists

Eligible recipients of domestic tourism stimulus measures will be entitled to a 3,000-baht cash handout that will automatically be deducted from their bills when they spend nights or pay for food or services at participating hotels, restaurants and related tourism operators, says an informed source at the Finance Ministry.

The scheme will require only hotels, restaurants and tourism-related operators to sign up with the designated state agency, while service users are automatically eligible without any registration requirement, the source said.

This method will prevent a repeat of problems that occurred when the Taste-Shop-Spend scheme was launched last year and can also address issues arising from ill-intentioned exploitation of some recipients, as participating operators will be responsible for claiming money from the government, the source said.

For instance, a recipient is liable to pay only 6,000 baht for his or her accommodation expense of 9,000 baht.

To be eligible for the 3,000 baht, recipients must spend at participating hotels, restaurants and tourism-related operators outside their home provinces.